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R&R Global Partners is a lead investor in Graphite GTC, a privately-held software and service provider located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Graphite GTC provides enterprise organizations with an innovative new way to develop robust software applications by focusing on the business solutions at hand and removing the traditional hand-coding efforts.

The Graphite GTC No-Code Development Platform allows users to build entire enterprise-class web applications visually, without ever writing a line of code. The visual tools provided within the platform allow business users and subject matter experts to actively participate in the software development process, resulting in reduced risk and better communication. As a result, Graphite GTC project teams are smaller and more integrated than traditional project teams, allowing for maximum agility.

Applications generated from Graphite GTC require no proprietary technology and can be deployed to any infrastructure of choice, including on-premise or direct to the cloud. The applications are modern, intuitive and web-responsive, providing a user experience that is expected from today’s workforce.